TEON         5-day magic for TEAM COHESION
Football is played with the head, your feet are just tools.” Andrea Pirlo


The magic of creating team cohesion in football

Intervention for rapid performance improvement

Your squad is talented. Your Head coach and coaching team are professional. Your players are strong and fit. 

AND YET... something is preventing you from reaching your goals?

You need TEON

  • a market leading TEAM COHESION METHODOLOGY


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We develop the mental side of individual and team performance. We set clear goals and deliver fast & measurable results.

No excuses.

New ideas are not bringing new results?

The most important thing to bring about change is to influence group dynamics, i.e. co-operation among players. With our expert knowledge we can establish a robust team-centered mindset. This intervention not only helps the team spirit but also boosts the efficacy of the coaching staff immediately.

Key players have lost motivation and are not supporting the team?

When a team is consistently unsuccessful, the best players become uncertain of their place, cannot perform to their usual standard, and cannot be dominant leaders in the team. We focus on supporting key players by rebuilding their strength of character. These leaders can then mobilize their teammates.

Not able to cope with the pressure of ongoing underperformance?

Poor results can cause stress and anger towards each other or the coach. We solve this situation by using mental coaching techniques, which help the team take the necessary steps towards positive thinking, conscious focus, and self control in the run-up to match day.


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The TEON way: Guaranteed performance improvement in 3 easy steps within 5 single days


We ascertain the untapped potential in the team.


We improve performance by unleashing and focusing hidden energies.


We establish sustainable improved performance.


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Project Objectives

  • Strengthen individual motivation and team spirit

    Every player in your team will be capable of giving their best, and performing at their maximum from a mental point of view.
  • Uncover and resolve hidden conflicts

    Your players and staff will develop common, consensus-based and unified values and attitude.
  • Mobilize energy and focus 100% on achieving goals

    The purpose is to unleash inner energy and spontaneity PLUS strengthen team unity – especially for the critical matches!
  • Achieve unity

    The dressing room will become an open and inclusive environment. There will be no player left out and there will be no cliques within team.

Miklós Poós

Head of Expert Team and CEO of kanoatalent.com, group dynamics expert, talent developer, peak performance coach.

A corporate trainer, OD expert, MA in Economics, mental health professional, a Unitive Life Coach, Miklós is an expert in changing attitudes and managing talents. He has delivered training programs, workshops, and coaching in sport and business to nearly 50 thousand participants to date, giving him immeasurable experience in developing individuals, teams, and companies.

Our main purpose is to achieve quick results and real, long-lasting change. We implement this by influencing the process on ALL necessary levels:


The most important tool of a coach and a player is their personality, which directly influences performance.

During the program, we give constructive feedback, set real goals, and help to increase motivation.


The difference between players with similar physical and technical skills is purely of a mental nature.

During our program, we energize, increase focus, and build efficient teams.


The club creates the environment for team development. It can either support or prevent the team's ability to unleash potential.

During our program, we assess how the club supports its team, and fine-tune its operation in order to maximize performance.


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The TEON high-performing team model








Football is a very complex system, like a puzzle where the more pieces you have in place, the more you can see the whole picture. Cohesion happens not just within the team on the pitch. If we want to optimize results we must also include the club as a whole. That includes the players on the bench, the sporting director, the coaching team, the physios and masseurs, and the owners of the club, but the person I support the most with my work is the head coach who, of course, carries the heavy responsibility of performance.
What I do during my projects is identify the critical issues that are pulling focus away from performance, and work with the team to regain equilibrium and get it back on track. My aim is to influence the mental foundations of individuals, so players can stay right where they are in terms of physicality and skill. The positive changes you will see from this program are a result of functioning from a different perspective.

Result of intervention: TEAM FLOW & BUY IN

Group flow is an optimal collective experience that occurs when members develop a feeling of mutual trust and empathy.


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